Mass Flow Control #Redefined

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Mastering precision and efficiency: The advancement of Mass Flow Control

Flow, temperature & pressure with one instrument: Discover our all-rounder for your application

“The FLEXI-FLOW Compact is our newest Mass Flow Controller series. With this revolutionary instrument, we are not only able to measure and control gas flow and measure the temperature, but also to measure and control the upstream and downstream pressures in your process with one flexible instrument. This is the future in mass flow control.”

"The FLEXI-FLOW Compact is based on a truly unique thermal mass flow measurement technique, that combines fast and stable chip sensors with realiable and accurate bypass technology. Find out how you can benefit from it." - Vincent Hengeveld, product manager FLEXI-FLOW Compact.

The perfect fit for you, if... can answer one of the following questions with yes.
Do you...

  • have limited space and need a compact flow instrument?
  • use various instruments for measuring flow, temperature, and pressure?
  • work with multiple gases?
  • desire a swift and stable gas flow control?
  • prefer an easy-to-use instrument with easy monitoring possibilities?
Well…. then the FLEXI-FLOW Compact series is your instrument of choice! 

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FLEXI-FLOW mass flow controller features

Top 5 features

  1. Multi-parameter measurement: flow, temperature and pressure
  2. High accuracy, repeatability & long-term stability housed in very compact instrument, saving space & weight
  3. Easy setup & monitoring through USB-C port, Bluetooth or Ethernet & comprehensive App. NAMUR status indication keeps you informed about your process
  4. High flexibility: switch between gases while maintaining performance. 22 on-board gases
  5. Adaptable to many applications through large dynamic flow range: 1:1000
More information about the features and benefits? 

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  • Swift response to setpoint changes
  • Stable gas flow control
  • Proven bypass technology
  • Precise measurement

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Typical applications which can benefit from the FLEXI-FLOW Compact

Stable gas flow control for analytical instruments

Stable gas flow control for analytical instruments

Read the application story regarding stable gas flow control for analytical equipment.

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Gas control for benchtop bioreactors

Gas control for benchtop bioreactors

An application story about gas control for benchtop bioreactors where accurate, repeatable and stable gas flows are essential.

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Stable & fast gas flow control for vacuum deposition

Stable & fast gas flow control for vacuum deposition

Read the application story about stable and fast gas flow control for reactive sputtering, a vacuum deposition technique.

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Bronkhorst; European high-tech quality

For more than 40 years Bronkhorst has been supplying instruments and solutions for the measurement and control of gas flow and pressure. We have continuously improved our Mass Flow and Pressure Meters and Controllers by applying the latest techniques. These market requirements and the availability of high-quality production techniques have again led to the development of a new, revolutionary product line: FLEXI-FLOW Compact. With our global representation you can find us in virtually every corner of the world.

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