E-8000 Series

Digital Readout / Control Systems
  • Indication / operation / configuration of measured value (direct or %), setpoint, totalised flow, fluid / tag number, control characteristics, fieldbus settings, alarm functions (min/max, response, counter), fluid selection (up to 8 fluids/curves stored in MFM/MFC)
  • Bright, wide angle, 1.8” display (TFT technology)
  • Single-channel and multi-channel configurations
  • For operation with Bronkhorst digital flow and pressure meters / controllers, vapour delivery systems and Ex-proof instruments
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E-8000 Series
E-8000 Series
E-8000 Series
E-8000 Series
E-8000 Series

Power Supply / Readout and Control

Bronkhorst offers Power Supply / Readout and Control Modules for use with digital Mass Flow Meters / Controllers, Pressure Meters/ Controllers and other transmitters and transducers with RS-232 communication. The E-8000 Series have one or two colour TFT displays per module for indication of measured/totalised values and a push button menu to easily enable the user to change the setpoint, reset the counter value, select another fluid and many functions more.

Multi Channel Configurations

Based on the modular technique of the E-8000 series, it is easy to assemble multi channel configurations in ½ 19” and 19” housings, either for rack mount or table top. The exact number of channels to be served with one (½ 19”) or two (19”) power supplies, depends on the type of instruments (meters / controllers) to be connected. For most applications one power supply can serve at least four channels.

CEM, Ex-Proof and PID-Controller Configurations

For Controlled Evaporation Mixing (CEM) systems a single channel module for temperature control can be integrated into a 1-channel cassette and ½ 19” or 19” housings. Also for Ex-Proof instruments and configurations with third party sensors or actuators requiring a PID controller, Bronkhorst developed dedicated modules.These module are all available with or without display and with various fieldbus options.

Technical specifications

1- or 2-channel table top housing (1 module)
1- or 2-channel cassette for panel mounting (1 module)
½ 19” table top housing (max. 3 modules)
½ 19” rack housing (max. 3 modules)
19” table top housing (max. 6 modules)
19” rack housing (max. 6 modules)
As an option, ½ 19” and 19” housings can be supply with front
handles or carrying handles
An overview of the dimensions can be found on the last page
Mains voltage 100...240 Vac (50...60 Hz)
Output signal/setpoint signal: Digital: FLOW-BUS (RS-485) or RS-232
Option for CEM, Ex-Proof and PID controller modules: PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, DeviceNet™, Modbus or EtherCAT® interface
Subminiature D-connector socket for RS-232 instrument connection
RJ45-connection for connection with FLOW-BUS communication
Power Supply capacity +24 Vdc, 1.25 A (30 W)
Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the product page on our website


E-8000 brochure

E-8000 manual (9.17.076, 9.19.076)
E-8000 QIG (9.17.077)

Hook-up diagrams
E-8000 CEM analog I-O
E-8000 CEM DeviceNet
E-8000 CEM EtherCAT
E-8000 CEM Modbus
E-8000 CEM RS232
E-8000 CEM W-10xA-202A
E-8000 CEM W-303B 230V
E-8000 RS232
E-8000 supply
E-8000 PID analog IO
E-8000 PID DeviceNet
E-8000 PID EtherCAT
E-8000 PID Modbus
E-8000 PID RS232
E-8000 PID IO

Dimensional drawing
E-8000 dimensions

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