Mass Flow and Pressure Controller with Shut-Off Valve

  • Swift and stable control
  • Space-efficient, integrated shut-off valve
  • On-board gas conversion model
  • 22 unique gases embedded
  • Multi-parameter output: mass flow, temperature and pressure
  • USB-C and Bluetooth communication
  • Namur NE107 status indication
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Mass Flow / Pressure Controllers with shut-off valves

FLEXI-FLOW Compact models FF-C10S and FF-C11S Mass Flow / Pressure Controllers with integrated shut-off valves. They are suited for accurate measurement and control of flow ranges between 0…500 mln/min and 0…20 ln/min at operating pressures between 0,8 and 17 bar(a). The instrument combines a swift and stable thermal mass flow sensor based on capillary MEMS technology with a precise and proven by-pass construction. Due to the unique, internationally patented TCS Technology (Through Chip Sensor), accurate mass flow measurement, virtual independent of variations in temperature and line pressure is established. In combination with integrated temperature and up- and downstream pressure sensors, the embedded database for 22 gases allows accurate, on-board conversion. The multi-parameter instruments provide the user with useful process information. 

FF-C1x Mass Flow / Pressure Controllers with shut-off valve are Built-to-Order (BtO) and currently available in 2 variants:

  • Type FF-C10S: flow + temperature
  • Type FF-C11S: flow + temperature + up- and downstream pressure

Technical specifications

Measurement / control system
Flow range (intermediate ranges available)min. 0…500 mln/min
max. 0…20 ln/min
(based on N2)
Pressure rangesFF-C10S: not available / FF-C11S: 0...17 bar(a)
Accuracy (incl. linearity) (based on actual calibration)Up to ±0,5% Rd plus ±0,1% FS (N2/Air/O2)
for other gases add conversion uncertainty; see multi gas table;
RepeatabilityFlow sensor: < ±0,2% Rd;
Pressure sensors: < ±0,2% FS
Turndown ratioup to 1:1000
Max. operating pressure16 bar(g)
Multi Gas/Multi Rangeembedded gas data for 22 unique gases plus any mixture of these gases
Settling time (in control, typical)< 150 ms
Long term stability< 0,5% FS over period of 3 years; then < 0,2% FS per year
Control stability< ± 0,1% FS (typical for 1 ln/min N2)
Operating temperature0 … 50 °C
Storage / Transport conditions-20 … +80 °C, max. 95% RH (non-condensing)
Mountingany position, attitude sensitivity negligible
Temperature sensitivityFlow sensor: zero 0,015% FS/ºC; span 0,05% Rd/ºC;
Pressure sensors: zero 0,16 mbar/ºC; span 0,05% Rd/ºC
Temperature accuracy± 0,2 ºC (instrument body temperature)
Accuracy pressure sensors±0,5% FS
Pressure sensitivitystandard: < 0,15% Rd/bar typical N2;
with pressure correction: typical factor 5 improved
Leak integrity, outboardtested < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s He
Leak-by through closed valvetypical < 1 x 10-4 mbar·l/s He;
< 2 x 10-8 mbar·l/s He for shut-off valve
Mechanical parts
Instrument bodyAluminium or Stainless steel (selectable)
Material (wetted parts)aluminium, stainless steel, silicon nitride, epoxy, aluminium oxide, glass
Surface quality< 1,6 mu Ra
Pressure rating (PN)16 bar(g) / 250 psig
Max. ΔP16 bar(d);
20 ln/min models: 5 bar (d)
Process connectionsBSPP female thread (ISO1179-1); couplings to be ordered separately
SealsFKM 51415; valve seat: FFKM with PI film
Weight350 g with Aluminium body, 450 g with SS 316 body;
add 50 g for Ethernet interface
Ingress protectionIP40
Electrical properties
Power supply24 Vdc ± 10%
Max. power consumption2,5 Watt (typical, in control);
add 0,9 Watt for EtherNet communication;
add 2,4 Watt for integrated shut-off (N/C)
Digital communicationModbus RTU or FLOW-BUS (selectable)
Optional: PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet/IP or POWERLINK
Support interfaceUSB-C port for easy setup;
Optional Bluetooth connection for monitoring
Electrical connection9-pin D-sub (male)
CertificationCE / UKCA / KC
Electrical connection
Control valve options
External actuator options to be connected to the controller
Certification for hazardous areas
Approvals / certificates

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the product page on our website


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