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Flow Meters & Flow Controllers in the world of Hydrogen

With the widest product range of low-flow (mass) flow meters and flow controllers on the market Bronkhorst supports the hydrogen market in various applications. The developments of customers in the field of hydrogen as a carrier for renewable energy fits perfectly with our offerings, expertise and ambition to support the energy transition as part of the Unesco Sustainable Goals. 

  • Robust stainless steel wetted parts 
  • Compact
  • Pressure resistant
  • Industrial busses, electronic or digital control
  • ATEX Zone 2

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Examples of applications

For fuel cells:

For hydrogen production

For storage

Odorization of hydrogen with liquid or gaseous odorants

Flow meters for Hydrogen applications

A few places where you can find Bronkhorst equipment:
Our gas flow meters from the EL-FLOW Select and EL-FLOW Prestige series are used within many Hydrogen research and pilot facilities for example for testing fuel cells. Our IN-FLOW gas flow meter series can be found at production sites at places where high quantities of hydrogen are measured and in Hydrogen generation equipment. Our liquid flow meter series are used for delivery of odorant to hydrogen or natural gas. 

Hydrogen brochure
Hydrogen applcations overview


Hydrogen storage in liquid organic hydrogen carriers

Hydrogen storage

Read our application note about Coriolis Flow Meters combined with WADose HPLC pump or HNP pumps for a research setup to investigate hydrogen storage with synthetic aromatic-based heat transfer oils that act as a liquid organic hydrogen carrier, LOHC.

View application note

Power to gas

Customer story about a natural power-to-gas application for storing green electricity by using hydrogen and CO2 as 'food' for bacteria. The excreted methane can be fed into the natural gas network already present.

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Natural power to gas application
Hydrogen used for car engine

Leak testing of fuel cell stacks

High quality fuel cell stacks are important parts in the process of car manufacturing. Read our customer story using flow meter and pressure controller combinations.

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Hydrogen storage in metal hydride

Application story by the DLR in Stuttgart about alternative ways to store hydrogen for use in fuel cells or vehicles using gas flow meters and pressure controllers. 

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Hydrogen storage in metal hydride

Humidification of fuel cells

Application story of Bronkhorst evaporation system used in a test bench in the German automotive industry for generating a controlled water vapour flow for humidification of fuel cells.

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Fuel cell for automotive industry

Electrolyser membrane testing

To retrieve fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal, you have to drill for them to get them out of the earth’s crust. In contrast to that, the energy carrier hydrogen does not occur in nature freely.

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Renewable Energy - Hydrogen brochure

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