IQ+FLOW IQFD-100C Downported MFM

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IQ+FLOWIQFD-100C Downported MFM

MEMS based Mass Flow Meter for Gases, for OEM Applications

Bronkhorst® IQ+FLOW® model IQFD-100C Mass Flow Meters (MFMs) are suited for precise measurement of dry, clean, non-corrosive, non-explosive gases. The ultra compact, downported MFM has a chip-based (MEMS) thermal mass flow sensor and is suited for flow ranges between 0,2…10 mln/min and 0,1…5 ln/min N2-equivalent at operating pressures between vacuum and 10 bar(g). Communication with the devices can be either in analog mode or digital over RS232 or RS485.

The ultra compact IQ+FLOW instruments are typically recommended for integration in analytical and medical equipment.

기술 정보

Measurement / control system
Flow range (intermediate ranges available)min. 0,2…10 mln/min
max. 0,1…5 ln/min
(based on N2)
정확도 (선형도) (실제 검교정 기반)< ±1,5% RD + ±0,5% FS
(Based on calibration with actual gas, at ambient temperature and at customer specified inlet pressure. Horizontal mounting position.)
Repeatabilityfor flows < 20 mln/min: < ±0.5% FS;
for flows > 20 mln/min: < ±0,5% RD
Turndown ratio1:50 (2…100%)
Operating pressure0 … 10 bar g
FluidsDry, clean, non-corrosive gases. Standard calibration gases Air, N2, Ar, He, CO2 and H2. Other dry, clean, non-corrosive gases on request (O2, CO, …)
Multi fluid capabilityStorage of max. 8 calibration curves
Operating temperature5 … 50 °C
Temperature sensitivityspan: 0,2% RD/°C; zero: 0,01 mln/min/°C
Pressure drop0,3 psi dif (20 mbard) based on 1 ln/min Air at 0 bar(g)
Leak integrity, outboard< 1 x 10-8 mbar∙l/s He
Attitude sensitivitymax. error at 90° off horizontal 0,5 mln/min at 1 bar, typical N2
Mechanical parts
Material (wetted parts)aluminium, Si, SiOx, epoxy;
option: stainless steel body (SS316L)
Process connectionsdownported construction
Sealsstandard: Viton®; other on request
Weight100 g (Aluminium) / 160 g (SS316L)
Ingress protectionIP40
Electrical properties
Readout sample time2 msec
Power supply+ 15 … 24 Vdc
Max. power consumption50 mA
아날로그 출력0…5 (10) Vdc or 0 (4)…20 mA (sourcing output)
Digital communicationRS232, RS485 (Modbus-RTU/ASCII or FLOW-BUS)
Electrical connection
Power/Analog/RS232/RS485RJ45 modular jack
Control valve options
External actuator options to be connected to the controller
Certification for hazardous areas
Approvals / certificates

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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IQ-FLOW Brochure
Manual IQ-FLOW
Quick installation guide
Hook-up diagrams
Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing IQFD-IQPD 1-channel topmount
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