NEW: Thermal mass flow controller – for gases -
with on-board pressure compensation

The EL-FLOW Prestige mass flow controller series has been extended with a Pressure Insensitive (PI) model

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Why choose for pressure insensitive mass flow controllers?

External factors can have influence on the measurement accuracy and control stability of mass flow controllers.
EL-FLOW Prestige instruments feature accurate temperature compensation, correcting the flow measurement for temperature changes. Compensation of pressure changes can be achieved by using the new ‘Pressure Insensitive’ option instead of using an external pressure transmitter.

Benefits of on-board pressure compensation

  1. Higher yield due to improvement of accuracy and control stability
  2. Ease of installation since there is no need for exactly providing/meeting the process conditions the instrument was ordered for.
  3. Cost and/or space savings; high performance pressure regulators are no longer required.

More simple setup with mass flow meter containing ‘pressure insensitive’
More simple setup with mass flow meter containing ‘pressure insensitive’

New model are:

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