Top 3 blogs about flow meters in medical applications

March 30, 2020 Sandra Wassink

During our daily business we work closely together with high-tech companies and technical universities focusing on medical applications and share our experience concerning flow measurement and control for both liquid and gas applications. Especially in the low flow range, where precise and reliable flow measurement is critical, our gas- and liquid flow meters can play an important role 

In this top 3 we share our involvement in three different medical applications; respiratory products, gas chromatography and flow measurement of medical gases.

Top 3 blogs flow meter medical applications, low flow solution medical industry
How athletes can benefit from the mass flow control

1. Flow controllers for quality control of respiratory products

Ivar Donker and Henk van Middendorp of Relitech showed us the reliable technology they have used to design a Metabolic Simulator which can be used to calibrate respiratory products on site. Read their story and the role of our mass flow controllers in their process. 

2. MEMS technology to support compact gas chromatography equipment

Semiconductor chip technology like MEMS – Micro Electro Mechanical Systems - is enhancing our lives in many ways. MEMS technology is more and more used in analytical apparatus for medical applications as well, as the demand for equipment with a small footprint is rising. One of these examples is the use of MEMS gas flow meters in gas chromatographs which are useful in determining which antibodies fight various diseases and viruses. 
Our MEMS Product Manager shares his ideas.

Mems technology to support compact gas chromatography equipment
How mass flow meter can help hospitals save on medical gases

3. How mass flow meters can help hospitals save on medical gases 

One of the largest expenditures in most hospitals is the cost of purchasing or producing the various medical gases needed, such as Medical Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide. Together with our customer, Bronkhorst created a solution with mass flow controllers which made it possible for the hospital to have a real-time continuous data-logging of the used gases and instant remote alarming in case the gas supply was low. Check out this application

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