Let's Get You Started

A series of videos that show the basics.

See the basic parts and connections necessary to get your Bronkhorst mass flow or pressure meter or controller connected to your PC.

The Bronkhorst CEM (Controlled Evaporator Mixer) system allows precise control of the mass of liquid being turned into vapor. It is a combination of liquid mass flow controller, gas mass flow controller, CEM (heat exchanger), and power supply / read out and control unit.

FLOW-BUS is a Bronkhorst RS-485 communications protocol which is easy to set up and use. Here are examples of how to connect instruments using FLOW-BUS.

Bronkhorst mass flow meters and mass flow controllers can be powered, seen, and controlled through the use of a Florite 990X display. Watch how easy it is.

Bronkhorst flow and pressure measurement and control instruments are securely held in their shipping box. Properly unfolding the box will keep the plastic intact and allow for reuse of the shipping box.