Miscellaneous applications

By making precision our profession, we have been viewed as experts within laboratories, machine-building and many other industries for more than 35 years. We are the market leader in Europe and one of the top 5 companies in our field globally.

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Examples of applications

  • Gas mixing for safety tests
  • Testing of protective clothing, incl. NASA space suits
  • Fuel consumption measurement of motorised equipment
  • Production of insulation boards
  • Aeration in waste water treatment installations
  • Leak or permeability testing in various markets

Application notes

Industrial boot manufacturing

Improved release agent spraying in industrial boot manufacturing

A Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meter solution was used to dose a specific amount of release agent by a boot manufacturer to improve their process.

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Drinking water re-mineralisation

CO2 supply for pH control in drinking water

Bronkhorst USA supplied a flow solution to accurately measure CO2 flows for pH control for re-mineralisation in a desalination plant. 

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Automotive industry

Kv value testing for injector valves

For an application in the automotive industry Bronkhorst supplied ultrasonic- and thermal flow meters to test the performance of injector valves for petrol engines.

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Coffee machine

Flow control in valve testing for coffee machines

An essential part of modern coffee machines is the control valve that supplies hot water to the coffee powder. These control valves are tested during the manufacturing process. For this mass flow controllers have been used.

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Aeration application for fish farming

Aeration in fish farming

Fish farms use aeration as a way to prevent fish lice. By supplying tiny air bubbles to the water, water circulation is created which helps prevent gill diseases. In this application note the solution of our Norwegian distributor, Flow-Teknikk, has been shared.

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Possible calibration setup

Calibration setup for mass flow devices

A mobile calibration setup can be a good solution for companies that have to carry out many projects under time pressure and want to do their own calibration of the flow devices.

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Monitoring indoor air quality

Good indoor air quality is important for our health. To keep the indoor air clean, you have to take care of adequate ventilation without unnecessary pollutants. This can be done with analysers.

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Iron removal from water by aeration

Aeration is used at waterworks to remove iron from raw water. Flow controllers add oxygen into this aeration process. Read the customer story!

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Lubricant dosing in airplane manufacturing

An important part of an aircraft is the fuselage, the part that surrounds crew, passengers and cargo. Fuselage parts are connected by making use of rivets, and to that purpose holes need to be drilled in these parts.

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Gas engines

Gas supply control in stationary natural gas engines

In stationary natural gas engines, natural gas is being combusted with air to exploit the combustion energy. In this application the influence of hydrogen and exhaust gas recirculation on this type of engine are investigated.

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Car dashboard

Accurate dosing of release agent

In their automotive department, a major company manufactures ‘skin’ that covers a car's dashboard, to give it a ‘leather look’. This skin is produced by spraying liquid, coloured polyurethane into a nickel mould.

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Lambda probe

Simulation of exhaust gas to test lambda probe

Each modern car with a combustion engine has a self-controlling way to optimise the engine performance. A sensor positioned in the exhaust section of the car measures the oxygen content of the car exhaust gases.

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Pressure control for leakage test of gas couplings

A coupling manufacturer employs a test setup for a specific type of gas couplings that are used for the United States market. These gas couplings need to be gas tight during a certain minimum period of time in the occasion of fire.

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Flow control for leakage test of air ducts

Flow Control for leakage test

An application showing a leakage test method using a pressure controller and thermal mass flow meter working as a device under test (DUT) principle to guarantee leak tightness and temperature stabilitsation.

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Explosive Mixture Composition

Accuracy, reliability and safety are requirements for instrumentation used in test equipment for ATEX environments, when gas mixtures of precise composition are necessary.

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Gas Consumption

Up to 50% of Bronkhorst's MASS-STREAM meters and controllers are sold with our multi-functional display which offers a totalizer function for consumption measurement of gases and many other features.

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Valve seat testing in the automotive industry

Valve manufacturers check any metal to metal valve seats using pressure degradation methods. Manufacturers are in need of new methods for leak testing to keep up with customer needs.

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CEM Systems for NASA Research

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently redesigned the system used to test the new space suit Portable Life Support System (PLSS) that is under development. In order to test the PLSS a simulated human metabolic load must be applied to the various sub-systems and so NASA needed to simulate the human production of CO2 and water vapor with its associated heat load.

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