Analytical market

We supply accurate and fast response flow meters for your gas and liquid chromatography systems (GC, HPLC, UHPLC), inductively coupled plasma systems (ICP-AES) and we can help you to mix blend or dilute gases or vapours.

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Examples of applications

  • Gas sampling
  • Filter testing
  • Automated titration
  • Flow/Pressure control in Gas Chromatography systems (GC / FID)
  • Liquid Chromatography ( e.g. pumpcontrol for NanoLC, UHPLC, HPLC)
  • Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP)
  • Mass Spectrometry (e.g. Collision/Reaction Cell gas control)
  • Mixing/blending and dilution of Gases and Vapors, for sample preparation and/or calibration of analytical equipment e.g. Mass Spectrometer (MS) calibration.

Application notes

Flow controllers to create gas mixture for calibrating chromatographs

Mass Flow Controllers can help you in calibrating chromatographs when using your own gas mixtures. ✓Improved accuracy ✓Good flexibility. Read more!

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Mass flow controller for calibrating gas chromatographs
Mass flow control in analytical equipment

Stable gas flow control for analytical instruments

Read more about stable gas flow control for analytical instruments using our FLEXI-FLOW GAS mass flow controllers. For long-term flow control, fast switching of gases and wide gas compatibility.

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Gas supply in Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-AES)

Inductively coupled plasma (ICP-AES) techniques are used to trace metals and other elements in water.  Flow meters play an important role in this equipment.

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Taking Water Samples

Monitoring indoor air quality

Good indoor air quality is important for our health. To keep the indoor air clean, you have to take care of adequate ventilation without unnecessary pollutants. This can be done with analysers.

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Flow Controllers in Gas Chromatography

Read more about how compact gas flow controllers (IQ+FLOW series) are used in Gas Chromatography applications. ✔Compact ✔ Accurate

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Other markets

Bronkhorst instruments are used for numerous applications in many different markets. They can be found in laboratories, universities, industry, production and pilot plants and even in areas or installations with risk of explosion. A substantial part of the produced instruments is integrated in manufacturing machines or equipment of so called OEM-customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers).