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​We offer solid constructed solutions for bioreactor gas and liquid flow control. Benchtop and industrial bioreactors can benefit from Bronkhorst’s reliable, accurate, compact and robust flow instruments. These can also be integrated into your equipment as customized manifold solutions or open frame installations.

The long-lasting relation with major and innovative biotechnology equipment manufacturers has shown that our mass flow controllers are well suited for the job and strengthened our portfolio with modifications specific for this market.

Application of bioreactors, including fermenters, are for production of bioethanol and other biofuels, pharmaceutical products, fine chemical products, food and beverages and tissue growth. As dosing of Air, N2, O2 and CO2 into microbial and cell cultivation is critical, the keyword is reliability.

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Examples of applications

  • Gas dosing for bacterial growth e.g. in fermentor
  • Controlled CO2 supply for algae growth
  • Oxygen supply in beer brewing
  • Gas mixing setup to calibrate oxygen sensor for monitoring beer quality
  • Dosing of liquid reagents
  • Better control of microbiological process e.g. in fermentors



Gas flow control for benchtop bioreactors

Gas flow control for benchtop bioreactors using FLEXI-FLOW GAS mass flow controllers. For wide dynamic flow range & high repeatability. Read more!

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Flow control in Bioreactor application

Gas dosing in bioreactors

Gas flow controllers play an important role in Bioreactor applications, in benchtop bioreactors, but also in industrial systems. Read our customer note about IQ+FLOW flow controllers in a Bioreactor application for bacterial growth.

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Better control of microbiological process

What do yoghurt and beer have in common? Utilising metabolism of tiny micro-organisms as a fermenter is an essential part of processes such as brewing and fermentation.

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Controlled oxygen supply in beer brewing

The British beer brewery, Ossett Brewery, uses Bronkhorst flow meters in their fermenter process to supply oxygen in a controlled way.  

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Controlled CO2 supply for algae growth

Bronkhorst flow controllers are used for CO2 measurement and control for algue during cultivation at the Thomas More University of Applied Sciences.

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Algae farm

Calibration of oxygen sensor for monitoring beer quality

In the beer brewing process, air is supplied to the fermentation step. To ensure the shelf life and the taste of the beer, the oxygen content in the fermentor has to be monitored continuously and accurately during the process.

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Bronkhorst offers mass flow meters and controllers up to 10000 ln/min Air equivalent. In aeration applications up to 50% of the MASS-STREAM instruments are sold with multi-functional display which offers a wide range of additional options.

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Other markets

Bronkhorst instruments are used for numerous applications in many different markets. They can be found in laboratories, universities, industry, production and pilot plants and even in areas or installations with risk of explosion. A substantial part of the produced instruments is integrated in manufacturing machines or equipment of so called OEM-customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

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