FLEXI-FLOW™ Compact Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for Gases

The new standard in measurement & control of mass flow and pressure

The new FLEXI-FLOW Compact series combines fast and stable chip sensors with reliable and accurate bypass technology. The compact, innovative instruments are a quantum leap forward in mass flow measurement and control: Mass Flow Control #Redefined

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Mass Flow Control #Redefined

  • Multi-parameter measurement: flow, temperature, and pressure in one instrument
  • Simple and secure connection through Bluetooth and comprehensive App
  • Superior accuracy through onboard gas database and real time conversion
  • NAMUR status indication keeps you informed about your process
  • Adaptable to many applications through wide dynamic range of measurement and control

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The FLEXI-FLOW™ Compact series comprises 3 variants:

  • 'Preconfigured Advanced (PA)', MFCs in 4 ranges (FS): 0,5/2/5/20 ln/min (based on N2), turndown 1:500, flow + temperature + pressure 
  • 'Preconfigured Standard (PS)', MFCs in 4 ranges (FS): 0,5/2/5/20 ln/min (based on N2), turndown 1:50, flow + temperature 
  • 'Built-to-Order (BtO)', MFCs and MFMs, free selection of ranges between 0,5 and 20 ln/min (FS, based on N2), turndown 1:1000; including multi-channel versions up to 8 channels

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Full Scale capacities (based on N) and pressure rating

Mass Flow Controller Mass Flow Meter
PN 16 bar PN 16 bar
FF-C10/FF-C11 Compact MFC  |  0,5 ... 20 ln/min FF-M10/FF-M11 Compact MFM  |  0,5 ... 20 ln/min

Flow factor and conversion

​To determine which model is suitable for process gases other than N2, the Full Scale (FS) flow must be multiplied by the below-mentioned 'flow factor'. Note: This factor may be different for a flow meter or a flow controller.
The high-accuracy on-board FLUIDAT gas database ensures best in class conversion from N2 to the customer gas. When converting one gas to another, a small uncertainty is introduced. Although gas properties and conversion model are very accurate, mechanical tolerances may cause slight deviations from the theoretical conversion values. Therefore and additional uncertainty [%Rd] is applied to the accuracy specification. When the best accuracy performance is required, calibration on actual process gas can be performed.

Download this table with visualisation of the flow range for each gas (4 pages: 0,5/2/5/20 ln/min)

Name Gas formula Flow factor MFM Flow factor MFC Conversion uncertainty Remarks
Acetylene C2H2 0,6 0,6 ±1,5% Rd  
Air Air 1 1 none  
Allene C3H4 #1 0,4 0,4 ±1,5% Rd  
Argon Ar 1,3 0,8 ±1,5% Rd  
Carbon dioxide CO2 0,7 0,7 ±1,5% Rd max. 10 bar
Carbon monoxide CO 1 1 ±1,5% Rd  
Cyclopropane C3H6 #1 0,4 0,4 ±1,5% Rd  
Deuterium D2 #1 1 1 ±1,5% Rd  
Ethane C2H6 0,5 0,5 ±1,5% Rd  
Ethylene C2H4 0,6 0,6 ±1,5% Rd max. 10 bar
Helium He 1,4 1,4 ±1,5% Rd  
Hydrogen H2 1 1 ±1,5% Rd  
Krypton Kr 1 0,6 ±1,5% Rd  
Methane CH4 0,8 0,8 ±1,5% Rd  
Neon Ne 1,4 1,2 ±1,5% Rd  
Nitrogen N2 1 1 none  
Nitrous oxide N2O 0,7 0,7 ±1,5% Rd  
Oxygen O2 1 0,9 none  
Perfluoropropane C3F8 0,15 0,15 ±1,5% Rd max. 10 bar
Propylene C3H6 #2 0,4 0,4 ±1,5% Rd max. 10 bar
Propane C3H8 0,3 0,3 ±1,5% Rd  
Propyne C3H4 #2 0,4 0,4 ±1,5% Rd  


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Application stories

The FLEXI-FLOW Compact series can be used in multiple applications, especially in applications with benchtop bioreactors, analytical equipment and vacuum deposition processes. Read the application stories: