Compact Multi-Channel Solutions for Mass Flow and Pressure

The FLEXI-FLOW concept offers the option of built-to-order designs for OEM customers, in which various multiple channels Mass Flow & Pressure Meters/Controllers are combined into one microfluidic system. The following functional modules can be configured into one compact sub-system: mass flow meter or controller, pressure meter or controller, shut-off valve, mixing chamber. Such a ”plug and perform” assembly ensures space efficiency, cost reduction and a minimum of potential leak points.

Example of typical application: bioprocessing gas supply, flow/pressure control in analytical systems, leak testing of fuel cell stacks.

FLEXI-FLOW Multi-Channel MFC Benefits

  • Very compact assembly ensures space efficiency
  • Economical solution, low cost of ownership
  • Combination of functions on one bespoke assembly (i.e. tubeless construction) reduces potential leak points
  • Pre-tested "Plug and Play" units, reducing custom testing requirements
  • Multi-bus communication interface by gateway (Ethernet, CAN and Serial)



The FLEXI-FLOW Series has great potential in many different markets, for instance in:

  • Bioprocessing systems
  • Analytical applications
  • Fuel cell stack leak testing
  • Reactive sputtering


FLEXI-FLOW brochure