Hydrogen Production, Storage and Usage

Flow Meters & Flow Controllers in the world of Hydrogen

In addition to renewable energy production, the constant availability of energy and the matching of supply and demand is a hot topic. In all these cases storage is needed in a fossil-free energy system. 
Hydrogen's significance as an energy carrier during this transformative phase cannot be overstated. Presently, green hydrogen is garnering unprecedented attention.

Our portfolio of flow meters and flow controllers finds versatile application within numerous hydrogen applications. This encompasses direct hydrogen flow control and pressure measurement, as well as within the broader spectrum of systems and processes connected to hydrogen. These applications require reliability, safety, precision, and usability across a diverse range of flow capacities.

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Flow in Hydrogen production processes

Hydrogen production

In the field of green hydrogen production, the enlargement of electrolyzer capacity is resulting in larger stack sizes. Consequently, the demand arises for hydrogen flow measurement that entails minimal pressure drop, accommodating line pressures in the range of 30 bar. Notably, this must be accompanied by stringent safety standards and a high degree of accuracy.

How can you benefit from flow meters in hydrogen production?

Hydrogen storage & distribution

There are many ways to store hydrogen, leveraging its high energy density despite its light weight (approx. 1/12th that of air). Efficient storage and distribution require compression or conversion to boost energy density per volume—examples include liquefaction, compression, liquid carriers (ammonia, ethanol), Liquid Organic Carriers (LOHCs), and Metal Hydrides.

Bronkhorst is actively engaged in projects for effective hydrogen-carrier binding and subsequent release post-transport. This involves research projects to develop inexpensive stable and highly effective catalysts with the minimum use of rare earth metals.

How can you benefit from flow meters in hydrogen storage & distribution applications?

Hydrogen usage in applications

In the transition toward renewable energy, hydrogen's utilization has made significant steps, particularly in green hydrogen production. Two key applications stand out: the direct combustion of hydrogen, either in its pure form or as a blend with natural gas, and electricity generation through fuel cells via catalytic reactions.
A noticeable trend is the adaptation of industrial furnace burners to accommodate hydrogen or hydrogen-gas blends, aiming to reduce carbon emissions. Bronkhorst provides tailored solutions for optimal burner control, e.g. in manifold systems with ratio control of fuel and oxygen.
Fuel cells are used in both automotive and stationary applications. Despite their growing commercial availability, ongoing research is essential to enhance aspects like efficiency, cost, leak prevention, and diffusion reduction. Bronkhorst instruments contribute to research setups and test benches for fuel cell stacks and engines.

How can you benefit from flow meters in these applications?

How can we help?

  • For hydrogen production and usage applications we have our high-flow thermal product line, the IN-FLOW high-flow series and EX-FLOW series available. This product line excels in scenarios demanding high line pressures, minimal pressure drop, and exceptional accuracy.
  • For  hydrogen storage & distriubtion applications our versatile FLEXI-FLOW flow meter is a perfect fit in these projects, as it measures flow, inlet/outlet pressure, and temperature. With its multi-fluid, multi-range capacity and smartphone-driven reconfigurability, it facilitates rapid process parameter adjustments, optimizing time and costs.
  • Moreover, our offering encompasses the provision of real gas hydrogen calibration up to 200 m3n/h (equivalent to 18 kg/h), thereby optimal accuracy is ensured. 

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Flow devices used in customer applications