FlowSuite configuration software

Bronkhorst FlowSuite

Bronkhorst FlowSuite is a software application for monitoring and configuration purposes on Bronkhorst digital instruments. It gives a good insight into the dynamic behaviour and features and allows you to adjust the controller, alarm, counter and other settings. Bronkhorst FlowSuite is developed for easy configuration and control of Bronkhorst® products.

This app is not intended to control critical processes but can be used to control and monitor research and pilot setups. For critical processes, it is recommended to use a dedicated process controller such as a PLC. Compared to the first release, Bronkhorst FlowSuite version 2 is suited for a wider range of Bronkhorst product series, namely EL-FLOW Prestige, MASS-STREAM D-6400 and FLEXI-FLOW. We are working on further expansion for this application software. Download Bronkhorst FlowSuite in your favourite store

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Supported product lines and connection types

Product series Windows iOS Android
FLEXI-FLOW USB Bluetooth Bluetooth
EL-FLOW Prestige USB - -

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FlowSuite configuration software


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