DeviceNet™ EDS

Version 1.20
Date 04-06-2002
Filename DS1V 20.exe
Size 162.16 Kb
Type application/octet-stream

Files in the archive file

EDS File    : bht_dmfc.eds
Icon File   : bht_dmfc.ico
Bitmap File   : bht_dmfc_d.dib
Bitmap File      : bht_dmfc_r.dib
Bitmap File      : bht_dmfc_s.dib
Product Name    : Bronkhorst Meter/Controller
Interface type   : DeviceNet
Device Profile Name   : Mass Flow Controller
ODVA Conformance Test      : Passed
ODVA File Number      : 10105

This EDS file can be used for all Bronkhorst instruments equipped with a DeviceNet™ interface.

The DeviceNet™ interface is optional for all Digital Bronkhorst Mass flow/pressure meter/controller for gases or liquids.

The DeviceNet™ Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) is a file used by the network configuration software tools to help set up devices on the network.

Releases & system requirements

DeviceNet™ downloads

DeviceNet Accessories
DeviceNet EDS
DeviceNet manual

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