Version 1.2
Date 19-11-2020

Type application/zip

The EtherCAT Slave Information (ESI) files are used by the Master/System configuration software to help set up devices on the network.

Files in the archive file

  • Bronkhorst_Meter_Controller_EtherCAT_M12.xml
  • Bronkhorst_Meter_Controller_EtherCAT_RJ45.xml
Vendor Name:    Bronkhorst High-Tech BV
Vendor ID:    1387
Interface type:    EtherCAT
Device Profile Name:    DS 404, Measurement Devices and Closed Loop Controllers

The EtherCAT_M12 file can only be used for Bronkhorst EtherCAT instruments with M12 type interface connection.
The EtherCAT_RJ45 file can only be used for Bronkhorst EtherCAT instruments with RJ45 type interface connection.

The EtherCAT interface is optional for Bronkhorst digital Mass Flow and Pressure Meters / Controllers.

Bronkhorst EtherCAT® Instruments have been successfully tested with Conformance Test Tool ET 9400.

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