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Customized Manifold Solutions for Mass Flow and Pressure

Core philosophy of Bronkhorst is to form close working links and collaborations with Original Equipment Manufacturers to ensure optimized integration of the instruments. Most often this results in a bespoke design in which various functions are combined into one micro fluidic system. The IQ+FLOW concept offers these functional modules: flow meter, pressure meter, control valve, shut-off valve, three-way valve, mixing chamber, filter.

A combination of modules can be mounted on a compact manifold, in line with a customers requirement, and following open design discussions. The ”plug and play” assembly ensures space efficiency, cost reduction and a minimum of potential leak points. Example of typical application: flow/pressure control in Gas Chromatography systems.

Benefits of IQ+FLOW Manifold Flow / Pressure Control

  • Ultra-compact assembly ensures space efficiency
  • Reduction of wetted surface area
  • Economical solution, low cost of ownership
  • Combination of functions on one manifold (i.e. tubeless construction) reduces potential leak points
  • Modular construction enables easy exchange of functional modules
  • Pre-tested "Plug and Play" units, reducing custom testing requirements




The IQ+FLOW Series has great potential in many different markets, for instance in:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical systems
  • Analytical applications
  • Microreactors


IQ-FLOW Brochure
Hook-up diagrams
IQ+FLOW multi-channel