Gas Flow Meters

Flow rates: up to 11.000 m3n/h

Bronkhorst specializes in gas (mass) flow meters for laboratory and industrial environments as well as hazardous areas.

Tips how to select a gas flow meter

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Benefits when using our gas mass flow meters

  • High accuracy 
  • Excellent repeatability for a reliable process
  • Compact design
  • Equipped with an on-board gas conversion model
  • Database with customer selectable gases
  • Reduction in cost of ownership

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Gas flow meters used in customer processes

We provide gas mass flow meters for many different kinds of applications. 
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Tips on how to select the best gas mass flow meter for your application

In our guide 'Flow Meters; a beginners' guide' we share some tips what to keep in mind when selecting your flow meter. In the selection of your instrument the following specifications can play an important role:

Gas flow meter specifications

  • Accuracy: the accuracy of the gas flow meter depends on the model chosen. Not all meters possess the same accuracy, however, some applications do not require absolute precision. 
  • Repeatability: Repeatability means the number of times (%) you get the same results running the same test or measurement under the same conditions. Sometimes repeatability of your instrument is considered to be more important than accuracy.
  • Turndown ratio or rangeability:  the percentual range (e.g. 2...100%) or the maximum divided by the minimum measuring value (50:1) in which the specified accuracy is achieved.