Liquid Dosing Modules

Co-created dosing solutions that improve your process

Following Step-By-Step Bronkhorst Solutions Method, and in a co-creating process with our client, Bronkhorst can design integrated solutions for highly accurate and repetitive dosing of small amounts of liquids, such as additives. The purpose of this method is to create and build a 100% customised solution that fully meets the customer’s needs. The pre-tested module or sub-system guarantees a reduction of the time required for installation and testing time on-location.

Our turnkey Liquid Dosing Modules (LDM) comprise all of the required components for flow rates up to 30 kg/h in one compact, robust housing:

  • Liquid Mass Flow Meter with integrated PID controller
  • Low-pulsation Gear Pump
  • Liquid filter
  • Pressure sensor
  • Adjustable by-pass
  • Shut-off valve
  • Pressure switch
  • Logical device with touch-screen interface
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Liquid Dosing Module

Continuous dosing

A constant flow of liquid being dosed based on a fixed setpoint. For the production of insulation panels, the manufacturer relies on the accuracy of a Coriolis Mass Flow Controller to ensure a consistent liquid flow for the duration of the entire production run. After switching to a Bronkhorst solution, the quality of the end product raised significantly and the amount of rejected end products has been decreased to a minimum.

Batch dosing

A small and repeatable amount of liquid flow in a one-per-time process. Almost all household and industrial chemicals consist of a mix of different ingredients created in a large production run using batch dosing. Traditionally, weighing scales are used to sequentially dose ingredients in a production vessel or individual product packaging. The Coriolis Mass Flow Controller acts as a weighing scale for flowing mass with direct control over the amount of flow into the vessel. And by using a separate Flow Controller for each ingredient, the dosings can be done in parallel, saving process time.

Ratio dosing

Combining separate liquid flows in a constant mixing ratio. For safe and clean drinking water, chemical additives are added in a specific ratio to the flow of produced drinking water. Too little additive does not give the required outcome, and too much additive is costly and can result in a chemical imbalance downstream.
In addition to continuous dosing, the exact amount of dosed additive is also depending on the main flow of produced water. By using an actual measurement of the main flow and the pre-set mixing ratio, the required amount of additive is calculated in real-time and accurately dosed into the main stream. 

Your benefits

  • Less waste & cost reduction: You know what you pump in real-time.
  • Less down time; Fluid independent flow measurement and control - no need for recalibration when changing fluids.
  • Real measurement of data on flow performance for quality and monitoring purposes, including a response alarm.
  • Automatic correction for decreased pump performance over time.
  • Correction on ambient conditions that have an influence on your physical properties of the fluid.
  • Integrated PID controller for fast and accurate flow control.
  • Remote communication with the control loop via Bus protocol.


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