What is the additional power consumption for Fieldbus interfaces on Bronkhorst® instruments

We offer a wide variety of possibilities for fieldbus interfaces, integrated on our flow and pressure meters/controllers. Typical, the additional power consumption for the interface boards is < 75 mA for instruments used at 15 V supply voltage and < 50 mA for units used at 24 V supply voltage.

Extra power consumption for onboard fieldbus interfaces

In the below table you can look up the exact values for each type of fieldbus.

Fieldbus at 15 V supply at 24 V supply
PROFINET 76 mA 48 mA
EtherCAT® 66 mA 41 mA
CANopen® n.a. 48 mA
DeviceNet™ n.a. 48 mA
EtherNet/IP 51 mA 35 mA
Modbus-TCP 51 mA 35 mA

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