How to interpret our model key?

The model codes that we use to identify our instruments can be found in the brochures of our various product series. In a few cases it may happen that the codes used are not listed there. From 2018 we have introduced a number of new codes for couplings and seals that are not used so frequently. For this reason you will find the complete, current coding for these items in the tables below.

Note: 9 (numerical) and Z (alphanumerical) are used in our model key to indicate non-standard options (not listed in below tables). Details about these non-standard options are specified on our order acknowledgement.

Inlet Outlet Adapters
0 0 None
1 1 1/8" OD compression type
2 2 1/4" OD compression type
3 3 6 mm OD compression type
4 4 12 mm OD compression type
5 5 1/2" OD compression type
6 6 20 mm OD compression type
7 7 1/4" Face seal female
8 8 1/4" Face seal male
9 9 Other
A A 3 mm OD compression type
B B 1/8" Face seal male
C C 1/16" OD compression type
D D 3/8" OD compression type
E E 3/4" OD compression type
F F 1 “OD compression type
G G 8 mm OD compression typ
H H 10 mm OD compression type
I I 25 mm OD compression type
J J 1/4" Tri-Clamp [DIN32676-C, DN/OD 1/4"]
K K 1/2" Tri-Clamp [DIN32676-C, DN/OD 1/2"]
L L 1/2” Face seal male
M M 1/4” Face seal O-ring
N N 1/2” Face seal O-ring
P P 1/4" male tube adapter
Q Q 6 mm male tube adapter
T T 13,5 mm Tri-Clamp [DIN32676-B, DN/OD]
U U 21,3 mm Tri-Clamp [DIN32676-B, DN/OD]
Code Sealing material
V Viton 51415
E EPDM 559291
K Kalrez 6375
X Viton 51415 / Kalrez 6375 plunger
A Viton 514178 USP/FDA
C Kalrez 6230 USP/FDA
D Viton 514178 / Kalrez 6230 USP/FDA
W Viton 514162
L Kalrez 7090
M Metal
Z Other
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