Digital (fieldbus) technology

About digital "multibus" mass flow & pressure meters and controllers

Fieldbus Options

All Bronkhorst® flow and pressure meters/controllers are equipped with a digital pc-board, featuring self-diagnostics, alarm and counter functions, digital communication and remotely adjustable control settings. These digital flow meters, flow controllers and pressure transducers/controllers from Bronkhorst offer great flexibility thanks to the "multibus" concept, whereby the instruments can be equipped with the following protocols:


DeviceNet™ CANopen® 


EtherCAT® NEW! EtherNet/IP 

NEW! Modbus-TCP 


General specifications of "multibus" digital instruments

  • based on a 32-bit micro controller with FLASH memory
  • analog input/output: 0...5 Vdc, 0...10 Vdc, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA (sourcing)
  • valve output can be monitored
  • various on-board alarm and counter functions
  • 2 LED's for status indication
  • 1 multi-functional switch for digital functions
  • rotary switches for selecting the node address and the DeviceNet™ data rate
  • configuration software for operation and service is available (through RS232)

Fieldbus files

For downloading the Bronkhorst fieldbus files please visit our FlowWare page.

Bronkhorst fieldbus files

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