Helium Flow Regulator with integrated display

  • Direct thermal mass flow measurement
  • High accuracy
  • Bright, graphical OLED display
  • Digital or analog output; alarm and counter functions
  • High precision needle valve
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Helium Mass Flow Regulators with integrated display

MASS-VIEW® model MV-396-HE Mass Flow Regulators (MFRs) are suited for precise measurement and control of flow ranges between 0,2…10 ln/min and 1…100 ln/min helium at operating pressures up to 10 bar(g). The MFR has an integrated graphical OLED display, clearly visible at wide angles, which allows reading of actual flow (value and a bar graph), total flow and type of gas. A high quality needle valve offers smooth and fine adjustment of the gas flow.

The display features easy set up via a user-friendly menu, using a 4-way navigation push button. Features & functions include a variety of alarm and counter functions, an analog output signal, digital interfaces and two relay contacts.

The MASS-VIEW® series provides modern, novel and economical alternative to variable area meters (VA meters), also known as purge meters. Unlike conventional VA meters these new flow meters measure mass flow instead of volume flow.

Technical specifications

Measurement system  
Flow range, based on Helium
(intermediate ranges available)
min. 0,2…10 ln/min
max. 1…100 ln/min
Accuracy ± 2% Rd for flow > 50% of max. capacity;
± (1% Rd + 0,5% FS) on lower flows
Repeatability < 0,2% FS typical  
Standard calibration gas Air, other gases are converted using our Fluidat® conversion model which will introduce extra inaccuracy  
Turndown up to 1 : 100  
Operating pressure 0 ... 10 bar(g) / 0 ... 150 psi(g)  
Pressure coefficient ± 0,2% Rd/bar typical at Air  
Operating temperature 0 ... 50°C (32 ... 122°F)  
Temperature coefficient Zero: <0,1% FS/°C, Span: <0,2% Rd/°C  
Response time sensor (t63%) 0,9 sec.  
Leak integrity tested < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s He  
Attitude sensitivity < 0,1% FS  
Mechanical parts
Material (wetted parts) Meter: Aluminium;
Needle valve: SS316
Test pressure 21 bar(a) / 300 psi(a)
Process connections G 1/4” BSPP female thread
(compression fittings optional)
Seals Viton®, PTFE
Weight 0,7 kg
Ingress protection IP40
Electrical specifications
Power supply +15…24 Vdc (+/- 10%)
Power consumption approx.135 mA
Min. and max. relay contacts switching current 0,5 A, 24 Vdc,
one side grounded (0 Vdc power)
Analog output 0...5 Vdc
Digital communication RS232 / RS485 (Modbus RTU/ASCII)
Electrical connection 8-pin RJ-45 modular jack

- Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the productpage on our website


MASS-VIEW Brochure

Quick installation guide

Hook-up diagrams
Hook-up diagrams
Modbus-RTU ASCII, RS-232 interface

Dimensional drawing
Dimensional drawing MV-1XX and MV-3XX

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