Certificaten en verklaringen

Hier kunt u onze verschillende certificaten en verklaringen bekijken of downloaden:

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ISO-9001 certificate Bronkhorst High-Tech BV ISO 9001:2015    
ISO-9001 certificate Bronkhorst Instruments GmbH ISO 9001:2015    
ISO-14001 certificate Bronkhorst High-Tech ISO 14001:2015    
IS0-17025 certificate Bronkhorst Calibration Centre ISO 17025:2017    
ATEX CAT2 notification DEKRA 12ATEXQ0100    
ATEX CAT2 certificate MFM Measuring Head X100 KEMA 01ATEX1172    
ATEX CAT2 certificate XB-coil LCIE 02ATEX6024 X/03    
ATEX CAT2 certificate XC-coil LCIE 02ATEX6011 X/02    
ATEX CAT 2 certificate Transmitter Supply Unit Stahl 9260/13-11-10S BVS 17 ATEX E 087 X

Power Supply for EX-FLOW Series, integrated in E-8000 PS/Readout Units
(doc. 9.06.118)

ATEX CAT 2 certificate Isolating Repeater, Stahl 9167/13-11-00S   Loop Powered Isolating Repeater for EX-FLOW Control Valves with XB-coil, integrated in E-8000 PS/Readout Units
(doc. 9.06.036)
ATEX CAT3 examination certificate  DEKRA 21ATEX0002X (doc. 9.06.157)
mini CORI-FLOW MI-Series
ATEX CAT3 examination certificate KEMA 10ATEX0111X (doc. 9.06.049)
Industrial LIQUI-FLOW Series
UKCA examination certificate DEKRA 21UKEX0353X (doc. 9.06.138)
FM approval Class I, Div. 2 (US) for IN-FLOW FM17US0363X (doc. 9.06.102)  
FM approval Class I, Div. 2 (CA) for IN-FLOW FM17CA0173X (doc. 9.06.103)  
IECEx certificate EX-FLOW MFM Measuring Head X100  IECEx DEK 14.0060    
TIIS certificate MFM Measuring Head X100 TIIS: 検・第TC21584号 (doc. 9.06.084)  
UKCA certificate MFM Measuring Head X100 DEKRA 21UKEX0329 (doc. 9.06.144)  
ATEX certificate XM1x mini CORI-FLOW Ex d DEKRA 12ATEX0144X    
IECEx certificate XM1x mini CORI-FLOW Ex d IECEx DEK 12.0040    
JPEx certificate XM1x mini CORI-FLOW DEK 23.0063    
UL /CSA Statement of Compliance for EL-FLOW Prestige and IN-FLOW

IEC 61010-1 

(doc. 9.06.112)
IEC-61010-1:2010 including national deviations for UL (61010-1:2012) and CSA (C22.2 No. 61010-1-12)

PROFIBUS certificate MBC2 Z00729 (doc. 9.06.019)  
PROFIBUS certificate MBC3 Z01578 (doc. 9.06.069)  
FLOW-BUS PROFIBUS Gateway Statement   (doc. 9.06.077)  
PROFINET certificate - FLOW Z11330 (doc. 9.06.098)  
PROFINET certificate - Pressure Z11331 (doc. 9.06.099)  
PROFINET certificate - Multi-channel Z11332 (doc. 9.06.100)  
PROFINET certificate - PID Z11333 (doc. 9.06.101)  
PROFINET - Statement of identity   (doc. 9.06.104)  
DeviceNet ODVA conformance test report MBC2      
DeviceNet ODVA conformance test report MBC3      
DeviceNet ODVA certificate of conformity MBC2      
DeviceNet ODVA certificate of conformity MBC3      
EtherNet/IP ODVA declaration of conformity   (doc. 9.06.120)  
POWERLINK certificate   (doc. 9.06.130)  
Statement Bronkhorst® for RoHS 2011/65/EU   (RoHS)  
EU declaration instruments - general   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.021)  
EU declaration RoHS - general   (RoHS; doc. 9.06.124)  
EU declaration RoHS - Bronkhorst Instruments   (RoHS; doc. 9.06.067)  
EU declaration mini CORI-FLOW Series M12-M15, M5x   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.059)  
EU declaration mini CORI-FLOW Series ML120   (EMC, RoHS, LVD; doc. 9.06.074)  
EU declaration mini CORI-FLOW Ex-D Series XM1x   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.055)  
EU declaration CEM    (EMC, RoHS, LVD; doc.9.06.058)  
EU declaration ATEX CAT2    (incl. EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.032)  
EU declaration XM1x mini CORI-FLOW Ex d    (EMC; doc. 9.06.089)  
EU declaration Readout Units E-8000    (EMC, RoHS, LVD; 9.06.066)  
EU declaration E-8000 module for EX-FLOW transmitter supply unit Stahl 9260   (ATEX, EMC, RoHS; 9.06.119)  
EU declaration BRIGHT R/C modules   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.042)  
EU declaration PiPS (Plug-in Power Supply)   (EMC, RoHS, LVD; doc. 9.06.043)  
EU declaration VDM Series Vapor Delivery Modules    (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.071)  
EU declaration MASS-VIEW Series   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.040)  
EU declaration MASS-STREAM Series   (EMC, RoHS; doc. 9.06.044)  
EU declaration FLEXI-FLOW Series   (EMC, RED; doc. 9.06.132)  
EU declaration FLOW-BUS - PROFIBUS Gateway   (EMC; doc. 9.06.076)  
EU declaration FLOW-BUS - PROFINET Gateway   (EMC; doc. 9.06.082)  
EU declaration RS232-FLOW-BUS Interface Box   (EMC; doc. 9.06.123)  
EU UKCA declaration IN-FLOW ATEX CAT3   (Doc. 9.06.133)  
EU UKCA declaration IN-PRESS ATEX CAT3   (Doc. 9.06.134)  
EU UKCA declaration CORI-FLOW ATEX CAT3   (Doc. 9.06.135)  
EU UKCA decl. mini CORI-FLOW Series MI1x0 ATEX CAT3   (Doc. 9.06.156)  
Reach declaration Bronkhorst   (Mass Flow Meters/Controllers, Pressure Meters/Controllers, Readouts; doc. 9.06.056)  
Reach declaration MASS-STREAM Series   (doc. 9.06.075)  
Conflict minerals Bronkhorst    (doc. 9.06.065)  
Conflict minerals MASS-STREAM Series    (doc. 9.06.073)  
Manufacturers Statement PBT/TSCA   (doc. 9.06.127)  
Manufacturers WEEE declaration   (doc. 9.06.128)  
MTBF Statement Bronkhorst   (doc. 9.06.129)  
Declaration of Traceability of Flow Calibration Standards    (doc. 9.06.064)  
Decontamination statement (to be completed by the customer for returns)   (doc. 9.17.032)  
KCs certificate IN-FLOW MFM   (doc. 9.06.097)  
KCs certificate EX-FLOW MFM   (doc. 9.06.105) - X100 measuring head  
KCs certificate IN-FLOW MFC   (doc. 9.06.113)  
KCs certificate IN-PRESS   (doc. 9.06.114)  
KCs certificate CORI-FLOW   (doc. 9.06.115)  
KCs certificate mini CORI-FLOW   (doc. 9.06.116)  

3A authorization certificate for ES-FLOW MkII series

  (doc. 9.06.122)  
Declaration of Conformity ISO 17025 calibrations   (doc. 9.06.131)