Bronkhorst FlowSuite, to monitor and optimise Bronkhorst flow meters

June 9, 2020 Ahad Djafari

Recently Bronkhorst launched a new app called Bronkhorst FlowSuite to monitor and service their digital flow meters. As Product Manager Industrial Communication, Control & Customer Software, Ahad Djafari was one of the key figures involved in developing this app. In this blog, Ahad explains why he embarked on developing this agile software tool with a team of R&D colleagues and external experts.

This blog is based on an interview by Carolien Meijer, Manager Strategic Marketing, and Lynn Woerts, Online Marketeer, about the lessons learned. 

Monitor and optimise your flow meters with FlowSuite

Why develop an app for flow meters?

In our everyday world, devices are evolving and becoming more intuitive in use, whether these are vacuum cleaners or smart watches. Consumers are more and more accustomed to ‘plug-and-play’ products, and this is no different in industrial environments. There was therefore a desire to develop a new functional software tool to easily monitor and service flow meters.

Connect your flow meter easily using FlowSuite
Ahad Djafari, Product manager industrial communications & control

In my previous role as Technical Sales Engineer for Customised Flow Solutions at Bronkhorst, I supported customers in their start-up phase using flow meters to optimise their process, as well as troubleshooting and commissioning. I discovered that most engineers are eager to get the functional process up & running but are less interested in the parameters of the specific components in the process during the start-up phase. I kept that experience in mind and used it as input for the specifications of the new software tool. 

Besides my own experience, we also observed and interviewed our own field service engineers and end users. The team concluded that the app should be able to detect and monitor multiple flow meters simultaneously and that it was important for end users to have several languages to choose from. 

''I’m very proud of the result our team has achieved. Bronkhorst FlowSuite has become a functional app for easy monitoring,
configuration and optimisation of our digital flow meters via one single interface, available in 6 languages.''

What are the next steps?

Now that Bronkhorst FlowSuite has been released, the team is already working on some add-ons: easy-to-use configuration tools to support more complex processes, like precise batch dosing of additives. 

What makes Bronkhorst FlowSuite so awesome?

With Bronkhorst FlowSuite, it is possible to monitor, configure and optimise Bronkhorst digital instruments via a single interface. The software is versatile with many useful features, such as a display with multiple graphs, easy device configuration and real-time logging of measured data in a CSV file.

The modern user interface is adaptive and available in English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Bronkhorst FlowSuite is available from the Microsoft store and is therefore easy to install and update

Bronkhorst FlowSuite interfash a app to monitor and optimise flow meters
Bronkhorst FlowSuite Interface

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