The recipe for all that tasty food and beverage at a campsite; mass flow control

14 August 2018 Walter Flamma

In our previous blog we’ve already discussed many applications at a campsite where Bronkhorst solutions are used. However, we did not mention a very important aspect of camping life; food and beverage. Delicacies like ice cream, soda and candy are also inextricably linked to the summer and to Bronkhorst. Let me explain why…

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Ice cream aeration with mass flow controllers

Have you ever celebrated summer holidays without eating ice cream? I didn’t. To create ice cream, aeration in the production process is crucial. This because air makes up anywhere from 30% to 50% of the total volume of ice cream. Higher aeration will produce a tastier and smoother ice cream. A side effect of adding air to ice cream is that it tends to melt more quickly. Thus, for attaining an optimal structure of the ice cream, it is important to have a stable inlet air flow in the production process with a constant cream/air ratio. This can be achieved by using a mass flow controller. If you got a big appetite to read more about the production process of ice cream, please read the blog about the aeration process.

Carbonation process of soda

During the warm days it is important that you stay hydrated. So, a tasty soft drink is by no means a frivolous luxury. The "fssst" you hear when opening a bottle of sparkling soda, is millions of carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules bursting out of their watery prisons, where they have been held against their will. In the soda industry an effective solution is needed to add CO2 gas to liquids, quick and consistent. Soft drink manufacturers add this tingling sensation by forcing carbon dioxide and water into your soda at high pressures, with the help of a thermal mass flow controller for gas. It’s important that the carbonation process is accurate. Inadequate CO2 injection will end in ‘flat’ beverage, while excessive carbonation can possibly break the bottle, which leads to safety issues and loss of product.

Carbonation process of Soda

Surface treatment for packaging

Not only beverage itself originates with Bronkhorst products. The packaging used for foods must meet many requirements, whereby flow meters are needed. To extend the shelf life, the packaging must be sterile and oxygen must be eliminated during filling. Also here, an accurate and reproducible flow is very important. Coriolis mass flow meters, CEM (Controlled evaporation mixer) and gas mass flow controllers are the key instruments in these processes. To read more about this process, please read the blog of James Walton, where he explains the sterilization of packaging to extend shelf life.

Additive dosing in candy manufacturing

Additive dosing in candy manufacturing

Certainly the parents among us will know the strong preference of children for candy, due of its sweetness but also because of their attractive colours. During the manufacturing of candy, additives such as colourings, flavourings and acids are added. By using ultrasonic volume flow meters, the accuracy of measurement has been improved, and so is the quality control of the manufacturing process. Many colourings and flavourings are costly agents, and a controlled and efficient use of these substances will gain a better quality product, and will save on raw materials as well.

Dosing colourants in detergent with Coriolis mass flow controllers

Dishwashing; it’s one of the most tedious tasks of camp life, especially when you are used to a dishwasher at home. However, with a little help from Bronkhorst, dishwashing becomes a bit more colourful. Coriolis mass flow controllers are used for dosing colourants (or dye). This applies, among other things, to the production of dishwashing detergent. As well as in flavouring, accuracy and repeatability with dye dosing are of extreme importance for a detergent manufacturer. Every flacon has to be the same colour, you should not see any colour difference between the flacons on the shelves. For this, combining a pump with Coriolis mass flow controllers makes the pump dose mass flow instead of the usual volume flow. Since real mass flow is independent of the fluid properties of the colourant, the accuracy will be inimitable.


As you can read Bronkhorst is present in many products at a campsite without you knowing it. Want to learn more about how Bronkhorst is involved in camping life? Read our blog ‘Camping applications that are made possible with mass flow control’.

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