Series C2I, C5I

Liquid Flow Valves

  • Direct acting valve
  • Pressure rating 64/100 bar
  • Kv-max: 6.6 x 10-2
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Series C2I, C5I
Series C2I, C5I

Liquid Flow Control Valves

Bronkhorst® mass flow meters for liquids can be connected to a control valve to form a closed control loop. The standard direct acting valve, model C2I, is normally closed, has a pressure capability of 100 bar (1500 psi) and a purge connection for easy elimination of air or gas.
For liquid flow applications with higher flow rates and pressure rating up to 100 bar, Bronkhorst designed the control valve model C5I, however this control valve may also be used for gas flow applications.
C2I and C5I control valves are directly operated by a magnetic coil with IP65 (weatherproof) housing and are closed when de-energized (Normally Closed). Depending on flow rate and fluid the liquid flow control valves allows a pressure drop of max. 5 to 40 bar (d).

Technical specifications

Max. Kv-value C2I: 2,37 x 10-3;
C5I: 6,6 x 10-2
Operating temperature -10…70°C
Mechanical /Electrical specifications
Material (wetted parts) stainless steel 316L or comparable
Pressure rating 100 bar(a)
Max. ΔP 5...40 bar (depends on Kv-value; contact your distributor for details)
Process connections compression type or face seal couplings
Seals metal-to-metal
Plunger Kalrez®; other on request
Protection class IP65
Power supply +15...24 Vdc +/-10%
Power consumption max. 4 W

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.


Dimensional drawings
Dimensional Drawing C5I
Dimensional Drawing M12-M13-M14 with C5I
Dimensional Drawing M15 with C5I
Dimensional Drawing C2I
Dimensional Drawing M12-M13-M14 with C2I
Dimensional Drawing M15 with C2I
For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the product page on our website

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