Series F-002A, F-003A, F-003B 

Pilot-Operated Control Valves

  • Up to approx. 500 m3n/h
  • Pressure up to 64/100 bar
  • Kv: 0.04...6.0
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Series F-002A, F-003A, F-003B 

Control Valves for High Gas Flow

These are patented indirect acting control valves suitable for high flow rates, up to 500 m3n/h N2-equivalent. They use a the 'Vary-P' mechanism (see series F-033) as pilot valve. Hence they are also pressure compensated, so both the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure may change within the specified ∆P limits, without impact on the control function.

Technical specifications

Kv-value F-002A / F-012A series: 0,04...0,4
F-003A / F-013A series: 0,15...1,5
F-003B / F-013B series: 0,6...6
Operating temperature F-002AV / F-012AV /F-003AV / F-013AV: -10…70°C
F-002AI / F-012AI / F-003AI / F-013AI: -10…70°C
F-003BI / F-013BI: -10…70°C
F-002AX / F-012AX / F-003AX / F-013AX : -10…65°C
F-003BX / F-013BX: -10…65°C
Mechanical /Electrical specifications
Material (wetted parts) stainless steel 316L/320;
others on request
Pressure rating F-002 / F-003 series: 64 bar(a)
F-012 / F-013 series: 100 bar(a)
Max. ΔP 1,3...20 bar(d)
Process connections compression type or face seal couplings
Seals Standard: Viton®;
on request: EPDM, Kalrez®
Protection class F-002AV / F-012AV / F-003AV / F-013AV: IP40
F-002AI / F-012AI / F-003AI / F-013AI: IP65
F-003BI / F-013BI: IP65
F-002AX-XBB / F-012AX-XBB: II 1 G/D Ex ia IIC T6
F-002AX-XCB / F-012AX-XCB: II 2 G/D Ex e mb II T4
F-003AX-XBB / F-013AX-XBB: II 1 G/D Ex ia IIC T6
F-003AX-XCB / F-013AX-XCB: II 2 G/D Ex e mb II T4
F-003BX-XCB / F-013BX-XCB: II 2 G/D Ex e mb II T4

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.


Dimensional drawings
Dimensional Drawing F-002AV-F-012AV
Dimensional Drawing F-002AI-F-012AI
Dimensional Drawing F-002AX-F-012AX-XBB
Dimensional Drawing F-002AX-F-012AX-XCB
Dimensional Drawing F-003AV-F-013AV
Dimensional Drawing F-003AI-F-013AI
Dimensional Drawing F-003AX-F-013AX-XBB
Dimensional Drawing F-003AX-F-013AX-XCB
Dimensional Drawing F-003BI-F-013BI
Dimensional Drawing F-003BX-F-013BX-XCB
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