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Whether you need to pump liquids with high viscosity or you need to pump aggressive chemicals: pumps are available in many sizes and types. The application sets the boundaries for selecting the right pump.
  • rotary gear pumps
  • piston pumps
  • rotary lobe pump
  • other pumps types


Flow Meter Controlled Pumps

Pumps are core components in a liquid system. Dosing or metering pumps are able to measure the volume flow of a liquid. Process conditions like temperature, air containment, back pressure and wear and tear do influence the measured value, and therefore the pump needs an additional device to make the required correction.

Bronkhorst mass flow meters and volume flow meters do offer the opportunity for direct steering of a pump to minimize the influence of the process conditions on the accuracy and repeatability. By placing a flow meter inline with a pump gives the opportunity of pump steering by correcting the frequency of rotation of the pump. Technically, this can be done by a flow meter and a PID controller.

Bronkhorst delivers flow meters with an integrated PID controller, thus we avoid the use of the filtered analogue outputs of the flow meter and a separate PID controller. This combination of a pump and smart mass flow meter offers direct mass flow control with high accuracy and repeatability – independent of process conditions. This solution – which uses an unfiltered control signal – offers beside these advantages also very high control speed and stability.

Flow meters can be combined with different kind of pumps as long as these can be controlled by a 0(4)…20 mA or 0…5(10) Vdc control signal. Bronkhorst offers also functional and system tests for a flow meter / pump system including fine-tuning.

The following pumps can be ordered at Bronkhorst

  • Tuthill gear pumps (like D-series)
  • Other pumps on request

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