Direct Thermal Mass Flow Controller for Gases, IP65 protected

  • Proven direct inline CTA sensor (no bypass)
  • Compact, rugged design (MFM: IP65, Valve: IP54 dust and waterproof)
  • Combination of flowmeter with various control valve options
  • Less sensitivity to humidity or dirt
  • Optional with integrated TFT display
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IP54 Mass Flow Controllers for high flow rates of gases

Bronkhorst® model D-6383/BJ-1/2" Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) are suited for precise measurement of flow ranges between 10…500 ln/min and 100…5000 ln/min at operating pressures between vacuum and 16 bar (g). The MFC consists of a proven inline thermal (CTA) mass flow sensor, a precise control valve and a microprocessor based pc-board with signal and fieldbus conversion. As a function of a setpoint value, the flow controller swiftly adjusts the desired flow rate. The instument is IP54 complient and can optionally be equipped with a modern, multi-functional and multi-colour display, with operator buttons on the instrument.

The digital MASS-STREAM™ series is characterized by a high degree of signal integrity and, as an option, up to 8 calibration curves of different gases and process conditions can be memorized in the instrument. In addition to the standard RS232 output the instruments also offer analog I/O. As an option, an on-board interface can be mounted to provide CANopen®, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, Modbus RTU or FLOW-BUS (other on request) protocols.

Technical specifications

Measurement / control system
Flow range (intermediate ranges available)min. 10…500 ln/min
max. 100…5000 ln/min
(based on N2)
Accuracy (incl. linearity) (based on actual calibration)± 1.0% RD plus ± 0.5% FS (at calibration conditions)
Repeatability< 0,2 % FS
Turndown ratioup to 1:30
Type of gasesalmost all gases, compatible with chosen materials
Response time (sensor)approx. 0,9 sec.
Control stability< 0,2 % FS typical
Operating temperature0 … 50 °C
Temperature sensitivity± 0,2% Rd/°C (Air)
Pressure sensitivity±0,3% Rd/bar typical (Air)
Max. Kv-value1,1 / 3,4 (remain position)
Leak integrity, outboardtested < 2 x 10-8 mbar l/s He
Attitude sensitivityat 90° deviation from horizontal max. error 0,2 % at 1 bar typical N2
Warm-up time30 min. for optimum accuracy,
within 30 seconds for accuracy ±4% FS
Mechanical parts
SensorStainless steel SS 316 (AISI 316L)
Pressure rating (PN)10 bar g for instrument body in aluminium,
16 bar g for instrument body in stainless steel SS 316
Process connectionsG1/2" / compression type couplings
Sealsstandard: Viton®; option: EPDM
Ingress protectionIP65 (if applicable IP54 for motor driven valve)
Instrument bodyAluminium AL 50ST/51ST (anodised) or stainless steel SS 316;
if applicable: Brass body of motor driven valve
Sieves and ringsTeflon or stainless steel SS 316
Electrical properties
Power supply+24 Vdc ±10%
Max. power consumption
24 V
Basic consumption
260 mA
Add. for fieldbus
50 mA
Add. for display
20 mA
Analog output0…5 (10) Vdc or 0 (4)…20 mA (sourcing output)
Digital communicationstandard: RS232
options: CANopen®, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, Modbus RTU or FLOW-BUS (other on request)
Electrical connection
Analog/RS2328 DIN (male);
PROFIBUS DPbus: 5-pin M12 (female);
power: 8 DIN (male)
CANopen® / DeviceNet™5-pin M12 (male)
Modbus RTU / FLOW-BUS5-pin M12 (male)
Modbus TCP / EtherNet/IP / POWERLINKbus: 2 x 5-pin M12 (female) (in/out);
power: 8 DIN (male);
EtherCAT®/ PROFINETbus: 2 x 5-pin M12 (female) (in/out);
power: 8 DIN (male)
Control valve options
External actuator options to be connected to the controller
Ex-proof specifications
Approvals / certificates

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

For dimensional drawings and hook-up diagrams please visit the product page on our website


MASS-STREAM D-6300 Brochure

Manual MASS-STREAM D-6300 instruments
Manual MASS-STREAM D-6300 display

Hook-up diagrams
Analog I-O RS232
PROFIBUS DP with 5-pin M12 connector

Dimensional drawings
D-6383-BJ 1-2inch
D-6300 fieldbus cases (option)
Dimensions Mass-Stream adapters (option)

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