Intelligent and Robust Solution for Monitoring Fuel Consumption

FUEL-VIEW™ flow meters offer a compact, lightweight and very cost-effective solution for measuring fuel consumption and operating time of vehicles, tractors, river vessels or any mobile or fixed installations with diesel engines.

Its unique features for protecting and preventing theft of fuel, the protection against overstatement of readings and intervention and the patented method of measuring different engine operating times makes FUEL-VIEW™ the best solution on the market today. The FUEL-VIEW™ offers a local display and has several secure onboard counters that can be operated via the selector magnet as supplied rather than by user contact.

  • Lowest range 1 ... 50 l/h
  • Highest range 10 … 500 l/h

The FUEL-VIEW™ series operate on the principle of a rotary piston that is mounted into a chamber ring which rotates in a chamber case. The rotating speed is measured by electronic sensors which measure a magnetic pulse. The number of pulses in time is proportional to the volumetric fuel flow rate.

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  • Indication of: | Actual flow (l/h) | Consumption in “normal” mode (l) | Consumption in “tampering” mode (l) | Engine operating time (h) | Engine “idling” time (h) | Engine “optimal” time (h) | Engine “overload” time (h) | Interference time (h) |
  • Strong metal moulded case, lightweight and compact
  • Time tracking other machinery work
  • Ease of mounting and operation
  • Special models for measuring the difference (consumption) between supply and return line
  • Protection from overstatement of readings and intervention
  • Mounting in any position
  • Built-in fuel filter
  • Optional pulse output with external power
  • Extended work range and accurate measurement ensured by digital processing of signal
  • Stable to vibrations and hydraulic shock
  • Wide clearing section minimizes hydraulic resistance of fluid flow
  • Battery powered models available (with low battery indication)


MASS-STREAM Waste water application


  • Fuel consumption on:
    • Vehicles
    • River vessels
    • Trucks
    • Tractive vehicles
    • Tractors
    • Loaders
    • Graders
    • Road-building machinery
    • Marine ships
    • Boats
    • Boilers
    • Burners
    • Technological transport
    • Diesel generators
  • Engine performance testing
  • Engine time monitoring to pro-activily signal maintenance
  • Real-time fuel monitoring and consumption reduction
  • Signaling fuel theft
  • Engine time measurement


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