Liquid Flow Meters

For ultra-low to low flow rates

Bronkhorst specialises in liquid flow meters, available in various measuring principles:

  • Thermal-based mass flow meters from 5 mg/h - 1 kg/h
  • Coriolis-based mass flow meters 50 mg/h - 600 kg/h
  • Volumetric flow meters based on ultrasonic wave technology from 2 ml/min - 1500 ml/min
  • Liquid flow meters based on vortex, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic working principles up to 250 l/min.

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Benefits of liquid flow meters in our portfolio

  • Accurate flow meters for dosing applications
  • Low flow liquid flow meters able to handle unknown fluids
  • Integrated flow computer for valve or dosing pump
  • Liquid flow meters do not have moving parts, resulting in less maintenance & low costs
  • Our liquid flow meters can measure flow, temperature, density and sound of speed.

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How to select your liquid flow meter?

For (ultra) low liquid flows, tiny disturbances in the process or ambient conditions can have a huge impact on flow stability. Deciding which liquid flow meter is best for the low-flow application largely depends on accuracy and stability requirements. However, ambient or media conditions which are difficult to control can also play an important role in choosing the best instruments. 

Bronkhorst has thermal-based, Coriolis-based and ultrasonic-based liquid flow meters in the product portfolio, both suitable for low liquid flow measurement.

Tips ‘n’ tricks for selecting the best liquid flow meter

  • Select an instrument suitable for the process and ambient conditions.

  • Make sure to provide a stable inlet pressure to the liquid system.

  • If you use a pressure vessel, make sure to minimise the containment or dissolution of gas in the liquid.

  • Minimise the internal volume between the liquid flow meter and the process.

E-book: How to handle low liquid flows

Focusing on low liquid flows < 100 g/h

Download the e-book 'How to handle low liquid flows' to find out more about 'low flows'. Including in-depth information, technical advice and insider tips from our experts.

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