Which certificates are available for my instrument?

The instruments supplied by Bronkhorst comply with the European (CE) legislation. These are the certificates specified below as 'standard'.
Depending on the product series, optional approvals are available.

Click on the product name below for more detailed information.
= standard certificate
o = optional certificate

Certificates for our instruments

  Fluid IP-rating REACH WEEE EMC RoHS ATEX Zone1 IECEx Zone1 TIIS Zone1 / JP Ex ATEX Zone2 ClassI Div2 KCs EC1935:2004 UL/CSA (IEC61010-1)
CEM Vapour IP65                
CORI-FLOW M5x Gas, Liquid IP65       o   o    
EL-FLOW Prestige Gas IP40              
EL-FLOW Select
EL-FLOW Metal Sealed
Gas IP40                
EL-PRESS Pressure IP40                
ES-FLOW Liquid  IP66/67             o  
EX-FLOW Gas IP65 o o o     o    
FLEXI-FLOW Gas, Pressure IP40              
FLOW-SMS Gas, Pressure IP40                
IN-FLOW Gas IP65        o o o  
IN-PRESS Pressure IP65       o   o    
IQ+FLOW Gas, Pressure IP40                
LIQUI-FLOW Lxx Liquid IP40                
LIQUI-FLOW LxxI Liquid IP65                
LOW-ΔP-FLOW Gas IP40                
MANI-FLOW Gas, Pressure IP40                
MASS-STREAM Gas IP65                
MASS-VIEW Gas IP40                
mini CORI-FLOW M12-M15 Gas, Liquid IP65       o   o    
mini CORI-FLOW ML120 Gas, Liquid IP40                
mini CORI-FLOW XM1x Gas, Liquid IP66 o o o o        
mini CORI-FLOW MI1x0 Gas, Liquid IP66/67                
μ-FLOW Liquid IP40                
VDM Vapour IP40