EL-FLOW® Prestige Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for Gases

The High Performance MFM / MFC That Adapts To Your Process

EL-FLOW® Prestige, the latest generation thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases, represents a truly ground-breaking shift in versatility and user-friendliness. Its principal customer benefits are based upon further advance in flow-signal processing and a highly stable flow control regime that is virtually impervious to process fluctuations.

EL-FLOW Prestige is equipped with an on-board gas conversion model, including a gas database for 100 unique, customer selectable gases. Flow ranges, based on N2 :

  • Lowest range 0,014...0,7 mln/min
  • Highest range 2...100 ln/min

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Mass Flow Meter model pages

(suffix P stands for Pressure Insensitive)
Full Scale capacities versus pressure rating

PN 100 bar
FG-110C    |  0,7 ... 9 mln/min
FG-110CP  |  0,7 ... 9 mln/min
FG-111B    |  0,007 ... 20 ln/min
FG-111BP  |  0,007 ... 20 ln/min
FG-111AC  |  20... 100 ln/min

Mass Flow Controller model pages 

(suffix P means Pressure Insensitive, suffix S stands for incorporated Shut-off valve)
Full Scale capacities versus pressure rating

PN 10 bar PN 64 bar PN 100 bar
  FG-200CV  |  0,7 ... 9 mln/min FG-210CV    |   0,7 ... 9 mln/min
FG-200CVP  |  0,7 ... 9 mln/min   FG-210CVP  |   0,7 ... 9 mln/min
  FG-201CV  |  0,007 ... 20 ln/min FG-211CV     |  0,007 ... 20 ln/min
FG-201CVP  |  0,007 ... 20 ln/min   FG-211CVP  |  0,007 ... 20 ln/min
FG-201CS    |  0,007 ... 20 ln/min    
FG-201CSP  |  0,007 ... 20 ln/min    
  FG-201AV  |  20 ... 100 ln/min FG-211AV    |  20 ... 100 ln/min


  • High accuracy (standard 0,5% Rd plus 0,1% FS)
  • Rangeability in digital mode up to 1:150
  • The Differential Temperature Balancing (DTB) sensor signal does not drop when purging or exceeding the maximum flow.
  • Extremely fast and dynamic response
  • Multi-Gas / Multi-Range functionality (100 selectable gases; scalable between 40%-120% or ordered capacity (FS value)
  • Pressure ratings 10 / 64 / 100 bar
  • Analog I/O-signals, RS232-connection; optional on-board fieldbus interface
  • Great variety of customized I/O options
  • User configurable control characteristics
  • Robust metal housing

Video EL-FLOW Prestige

Video animation explaining the functions and features of our new, high-end Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for gases, based on the thermal measuring principle.

Fast response to improve performance

The control performance of EL-FLOW Prestige Mass Flow Controllers is factory adjusted to swiftly respond to setpoint changes, without overshoot. Moreover, the controllers are highly resistant to mechanical shocks and pressure fluctuations, which may be caused by other devices consuming gas from the same source. As an option the MFCs can be tuned for extra fast response (settling times t98% down to 500 msec) or extra smooth control, depending on the requirements of the user’s process. The dynamic behaviour can also be tuned on site easily, by adjusting the controller speed settings via FlowTune™, or by using our software tool FlowPlot™. This free tool can also be used for device diagnostics or alarm and counter settings.

Select the I/O options of your preference

Numerous input/output options can be offered through the programmable sub-D 9-pin connector. In addition to the various analog signal options and the standard RS232 communication, there are such options as RS485 communication, digital frequency/pulse output, alarm output/reset, valve purge/close and analog valve output. Furthermore Bronkhorst offers various integrated fieldbus options: CANopen®DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, Modbus RTU/ASCII, EtherCAT® and FLOW-BUS. The latter is an RS485 based fieldbus, specifically designed by Bronkhorst for their mass flow metering and control solutions. For the convenience of customers working with LabVIEW™ (graphical software by National Instruments) Bronkhorst provides a certified plug & play instrument driver for instruments with FLOW-BUS™ interface.

Reduce your cost of ownership

EL-FLOW Prestige offers high flexibility due to the Multi Gas / Multi Range (MG/MR) functionality. This functionality, now extended to 100 gases, is easily accessible via the FlowTune software or PLC; there is no need to disconnect the instrument from your system. Users of EL-FLOW Prestige instruments can rescale their instruments on site, saving time and money for dismounting and recalibration. Furthermore, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are able to drastically reduce the variety of spare instruments kept on stock and thus reduce the cost of ownership.

Customized Input/Output configurations

Besides the obvious I/O-options for measured and setpoint values via analog signals, RS232 or fieldbus communication, EL-FLOW Prestige features a programmable pin (pin 5) at the 9-pin sub-D connector for customized I/O configurations. This functionality can be used for advanced operations such as digital frequency/pulse output, alarm output/reset, processing an external setpoint signal, valve purge/close and analog valve output. Some options are specified in the model number identification, however, numerous other settings can be programmed on request.

Why choose for the option of pressure insensitive gas mass flow controllers?

External factors can have influence on the measurement accuracy and control stability of mass flow controllers (MFCs). EL-FLOW Prestige instruments feature accurate temperature compensation, correcting the flow measurement for temperature changes. Compensation of pressure changes can be achieved by using the new ‘Pressure Insensitive’ option instead of using an external pressure transmitter.

Read more about the benefits of the EL-FLOW Prestige Pressure Insensitive models.


Benefits: Pressure Insensitive models Read about bypass principle


EL-FLOW Prestige brochure

Quick start guide EL-FLOW Prestige
Manual EL-FLOW Prestige

Hook-up diagrams
Analog IO - RS232
Optional Bus and IO Configurations

White paper
White paper EL-FLOW Prestige


  • Analytical/environmental equipment
  • Gas flow monitoring in food, chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Gas consumption measurement in gas distribution systems for internal accounting purposes
  • Detection of gas leakage through objects
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Surface treatment installations
and many more!

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